Wise Chiropractic Inc: Family Wellness Center

It’s a New Year, New Life!

We will be offering a Great Special All Year! 

Call the office for details.

Normal Office Time of Service Fees:

Adult Consultation and Exam:


Pediatric Consultation and Exam:


Digital X-rays:

$150.00 (2v of each spinal region)

Adult Adjustments:


Children’s Adjustments:


Clinical Nutrition Response Testing: $99.00

Insight Neurological Scan: $100.00

NAET: Allergy Elimination Testing/Initial Exam: $150.00

You may also purchase Products and Services using our ONLINE STORE!!!

Call 702-248-6292 or use the web request feature to make your appointment today!

This is a small list of all the services we offer, Please call our office and we will be happy to go over anything you might have questions on.

We accept same day appointments and even walk-ins for existing patients. 

Please mention the internet special when calling.

The fee structure is based on a time of service schedule. If you do not pay at each visit, such as a Auto Accident Lien, you are subjected to a higher fee structure.