“I continue to be amazed with the transformations I witness with our patients in our office. Every day I hear story after story from patients and parents of my little patients explaining how chiropractic wellness care has changed their life or the lives of their children. Chiropractic has made an immeasurable impact on their entire family. Every day the results we get with chiropractic amaze even me, and I make it my mission as a family chiropractor in Las Vegas to show up every day dedicated to working my butt off so as many families as possible get that same opportunity to live life the way we do!”

– Dr. Jon Wise

Hello, I would like to take this time to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Jon Wise and this is my family: My wife and office manager, Christen, and my daughter, Savannah.

Feel free to browse my website and come back often. Whatever reason has led you to this site – whether you are suffering with pain and are looking for relief, or you have great health, looking to get even healthier, wanting to eliminate allergies from your life, loose some weight or if you are just looking for some general information – I am sure that you will find this site to be extremely helpful. I am one of the Top Pediatric Chiropractors in the states. I have a fellowship in Chiropractic Pediatrics. As also being the first and only post doctorate certified Chiropractic Wellness Physician in the state of Nevada, My goal is all about the proper education in getting everyone to evaluate their lifestyle choices to improve the quality of their lives.

Why did I choose chiropractic and not traditional western medicine? Years ago something happened to me that changed my life forever. Let me tell you my story. When I was a teenager, I used to play high school football. I suffered injuries to my neck, my back and both knees. The pain at times seemed unbearable. I was popping pills like candy. As a result, I had to wearing knee braces constantly and ended my high school football career early.

Over the next few years, I was involved in several car accidents, including a head-on collision. By this time, I had constant pain in my body, developed headaches, gained tons of weight, had increased bouts of acid reflux (heart burn) and it seemed like my grades in school where declining. I had been to the family doctor (M.D.) and received little to no relief at all.

After the head-on collision, I was referred to new doctor. He preformed an exam, took some x-rays and gently adjusted me. The adjustment didn’t hurt, it actually felt really good. And guess what? I started getting better right away. If you haven’t already figured it out, this new doctor was a chiropractor (D.C.).

The D.C. told me that my nervous system controlled everything in my body. From every muscle you move to even every heart beat. The different types of stress that we go through in our everyday life can cause damage to that system and cause interferences within our bodies. These interferences can cause all types of symptoms. These interferences can prevent the body from fully healthing 100%. Chiropractors, he explained, remove that interference so that your body can heal itself. So the body can move back towards proper functioning. It made perfect sense to me, and I received the results to prove it!

I was so impressed by the results and the other miracles that I saw over the next few years, I decided to skip Med School and go to Chiro School. I graduated with magna cum laude honors from Cleveland Chiropractic College. My internship was at the Los Angeles Cleveland Clinic, the Los Angeles Mission and a USC Medical Pilot Program incorporating chiropractic in a hospital setting.

Now people bring their families to me with their health challenges and are getting the big idea about health: A healthy nervous system will keep you healthy! An unhealthy nervous system will keep your body unhealthy, sick and full of pain. The ultimate ideal is to stay healthy rather than just avoiding sickness.

My goal is to optimize people’s nervous system and remove any damage that may have occurred. At the same time, to help people create healthy lifestyle habits that will not only stop them from recreating the damage, but build stronger, healthier bodies to last them an entire lifetime with the highest possible quality of life they can imagine. That is what I want for my practice members, and I am fully committed and passionate about helping them achieve optimal health and wellness.

Thank you for taking the time to better yourself, and if there is ever anything that I can do to help you or your children, please don’t hesitate to call me. Feel free to contact me at 702-248-6292 for a consultation or an appointment.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Bio,

Dr. Jon Wise DC, CACCP

Board Certified Pediatric Chiropractor

Post-doctorate Degree Wellness and Prevention (C.C.W.P.)


Always remember Dr. Jon Wise


  • Cleveland Chiropractic College, Los Angeles, CA
    Doctorate of Chiropractic (Magna Cum Laude)
  • Internships: Cleveland Health Center, Los Angeles Mission, USC Medical Center
  • Life West Chiropractic College, Hayward, CA
    Post Doctorate Certification in Wellness. (C.C.W.P.).
  • Cleveland Chiropractic College, Los Angeles, CA
    Certified Pediatric Chiropractor, Fellowship in Chiropractic Pediatrics from the Academy of Family Practice (C.A.C.C.P.). Webster Technique Certified.
  • University of California, Irvine, CA
    B.A., Sociology


  • National Board Certification, Parts I, II, III, IV and Physiotherapy
  • Board Certified Chiropractic Physician – Nevada Chiropractic Physicians Board
  • NAET Certified Physician: Advanced Certifications
  • Board Certified Pediatric Chiropractor: Academy of Family Practice


  • International Chiropractic Association
  • American Chiropractic Association
  • International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association
  • Council on Wellness Lifestyle Science
  • Nambudripad’s Allergy Research Foundation Member
  • American Pregnancy Association
  • American Public Health Association
  • Nevada Chiropractic Association
  • Nevada Chiropractic Council
  • California Chiropractic Association
  • Business Network International
  • Lions International, Lion’s Club – Las Vegas Host (Past President / Current Board of Directors)


  • 2011 -2020 Fellowship/Advanced Degree (C.A.C.C.P.) in Pediatrics through the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association with additional continuing education.
  • 2011-2020 Advanced Degree in Wellness and Preventative Medicine, Certified Chiropractic Wellness Physician. CCWP. Along with additional continuing education.
  • 2010-2020 NAET Seminars – Certified Basic and Advanced Physician with continuing education.
  • 2008-2020 +100 Hours of Online Seminars/Education
  • 2003-2020 Attended 13 Parker Seminars
  • 2010-2020 Attended 11 CalJam Seminars
  • 2003-2020 Attended +40 Diversified Adjusting Seminars
  • 2003-2019 Attended 9 Gonstead Seminars
  • 2004-2019 Attended 8 Cleveland Alumni Seminars
  • 2004-2019 Attended 3 Cleveland Conferences
  • 2006-2020 Attended 6 Nevada Chiropractic Association Sponsored Seminars.
  • 2004-2006 Attended 12 Masters Circle Seminars
  • 2004-2006 Attended 3 SOT Seminars
  • ***Well over 4,000 hours of Continuing Education


  • 2004 – Cleveland Chiropractic Alumni Award for Outstanding Achievements in the Community
  • 2004 – John Rathel Memorial Scholarship
  • 2007 – Finalist for America’s Top Chiropractor by the Consumer Research Council of America
  • 2008 – Biltmore Who’s Who’s Among Executives and Professionals
  • 2008 – Named one of America’s Top Chiropractor by the Consumer Research Council of America
  • 2009 – Cambridge Who’s Who Among Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs
  • 2009 – Named America’s Top Chiropractor for Holistic Wellness by the Consumer Research Council of America
  • 2010 – Who’s Who’s Among Executives and Professionals
  • 2011 – Named America’s Top Chiropractor for Holistic Wellness by the Consumer Research Council of America
  • 2011 – CMUS Talk of the Town Award for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction
  • 2012 – CMUS Talk of the Town Award for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction
  • 2009 – 2020 – More than 11 Community Service Awards for being a Member of Lions International.
  • 2012 – Named America’s Top Chiropractor for Holistic Wellness by the Consumer Research Council of America
  • 2013 – CMUS Talk of the Town Award for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction
  • 2015 – Named Top Chiropractor in Las Vegas by International Association of Chiropractors
  • 2015 – 2015 Patient’s Choice Awards in Chiropractic” Verified by Opencare.com
  • 2015 – Named America’s Top Chiropractor for Holistic Wellness by the Consumer Research Council of America
  • 2016 – Named America’s Top Chiropractor for Holistic Wellness by the Consumer Research Council of America
  • 2017 – 2017 Spectrum Award (Based on Independent Research by CBN)
  • 2017 – “Top Ten Holistic Doctors in NV” by the Holistic Doctors Recognition Board.

Providing Chiropractic and Wellness Care for the Las Vegas, Clark County and Nye County families.