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We value our patients' experience at Wise Chiropractic, Inc.. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. You can also leave us reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view. If you do not want to use the questionnaire, but you still like to give a testimonial, please feel free to send an email to wisechiropractic@cox.net and we will be happy to post it on our website.

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Thank you Very Much! 

Jon Wise D.C., CACCP

Ryback (WWE Superstar)

Big thanks to @jonwisedc truly the best chiropractor I have ever had and a great guy on top of that. The real work begins now this is what I choose to make of it and it is the most important thing in my career thus far. https://instagram.com/p/3eecBES34h/ 

WWE Ryback Dr Jon Wise Wise Chiropractic Las Vegas

Micheal K - 11/02/16

I came to see Dr. Wise for  neck, back and rib pains. I have not seen a chiropractor is over 10 years. I seem to recall that it was an "ok" experience. On the first visit, Dr. Wise spent about an hour with me. He performed traditional x-rays and did newer high tech scans (Something I have never seen before). These scans showed me my problems, it was very helpful to see it and it helped Dr. Wise focus on the problems instead of the symptoms like most doctors. After the first visit, my movement improved and my pain was cut down by 50-60%. By the 4th visit, my pain dropped to soreness. By the 7th visit, I was pain free. The day after my 7th visit, I did a 6 mile hike at Red Rock. The next day I was not even sore! I owe the drastic improvement in my health to Dr. Wise. I will always be grateful for his time and his care. He is such an awesome doctor. 

ZP - 10/26/16

I would just like to say THANK YOU to Dr. Wise  for taking such great care of my newborn. Shortly after her birth, she developed torticolis and had nursing issues. She refused to latch onto my breast. I was frustrated, she was frustrated. My goal was to nurse for 1-2 years and it felt like I was failing at a few days old. My Lactation Consultant referred me to Dr. Wise and it was the best decision I made. After 2 adjustment, my little girl started to latch better. After the first 8th visits, her torticolis was fixed, nursing was fixed and we became a happier family. 

Susan P - 10/13/16

Dr. Wise has been a godsend with my daughter. The moment my daughter was born, she was unable to nurse correctly. Her latch simply put, SUCKED! The latch caused lots of pain and she was not able to get much milk. I took my daughter based off a the word from my LC that Dr. Wise has a fellowship in pediatrics and he is the person who can help get her to latch better. I made my appt with Dr. Wise, He was able to get us in the same day (which was awesome!). He performed a heat scan on her spine and noticed that her neck was producing severe inflammation. Dr. Wise told me the inflammation was the result of birth trauma and this is why my baby could not nurse. She was in too much pain to latch. Dr. Wise started to adjust her, by the 2nd adjustment, I noticed improvements. By the 5th adjustment, she was latching well. By the 10th adjustment, her inflammation dropped from severe to mild/moderate, but she was latching like a champ! Dr. Wise saved my babies ability to nurse. It is a major goal of mine to nurse my child til she is about 2 years old. I now know I will be better off to achieve that goal. Thank you Dr. Wise!!! 

Travis M - 09/16/16

If your looking for a chiropractor then no need to look any further. Your not just a dollar sign here they actually care. On top of that Jon is the best at what he does. Everyone I talk to that has been here says the same thing.

TB - 07/28/16

I starting to see Dr. Wise for sciatic related pains while I was pregnant. It was extremely painful. I tried to relax, get massages as my OB suggested. None of it helped. A coworker told me about Dr. Wise and I am grateful everyday. Dr. Wise was able to get me out of pain. He was able to make my body move better. I believed he helped me achieve a natural pregnancy. I do not think I would have been able to deliver my daughter naturally in that much pain. I own Dr. Wise everything! I will continue to see him, my little daughter now sees him. Soon my stubborn husband will see him too! Thank you Dr. Wise!!! 

Amber D - 6/15/16

I first brought my newborn to see Dr. Wise because he was having trouble nursing. DS was always crying and fighting me while I was attempting to put him on my breast. I worked with a few lactation consultants with very little improvements. One LC referred me to see Dr. Wise. She said that often the birth process can take some of his joints out of alignment and this could be the reason why he is having trouble. So I made the appointment. Dr. Wise was able to see me on an instant visit due to the circumstances. He scanned DS's spine with something that registers inflammation. The results showed severe inflammation coming from his neck. Dr. Wise confirmed that his neck, cranial bones and jaw was out of alignment due to the birth process. He said DS's muscle in his mouth was sooo tight, it caused pain every time he tried to open his mouth of turn his neck. Within the first few visits, I noticed an improvement, after a few weeks of care, his nursing was fixed! Now lets move onto the reflux! Dr. Wise said that his reflux should improve as well. I am optimistic! 

Stephanie H - 05/23/16

Dr. Wise was the key individual who was able to fix my headaches. I have been suffering from headaches for the last 5 years. They came on after an head injury and never went away. I seen many MD's, DC's, and Physical Therapist over the years. Nothing FIXED the problem until I seen Dr. Wise. He looked at my x-rays and seen that I had a reversal of my curve. Showed me on my MRI's where I had spinal cord compression. He did a thermo scan and an emg scan on my spine and showed me that the nerves in my neck was severely pissed off! He adjusted my neck in a chair (never had that done before coming to see him), while the rest of my back was done on a adjusting table. He put me on a spinal remodeling program for my neck. With in the first month, my headaches went from severe to mild. After 3 months of care, my headaches 100% cleared. I am still getting adjusted and still working on the curve in my neck because I do not ever want to experience that again. 

Tommy I - 05/06/16

I often read testimonials with a grain of salt and wonder about the validity of them and now I find myself writing one for the first time in my life.  I learned first hand that all the testimonials on Dr. Wise's website are valid because I experienced the same level of care and results.  I threw my back out about a month ago and was in extreme pain.  Getting in and out of bed was a chore.  Day to day normal activities seemed impossible.  Sneezing and coughing caused an extreme amount of pain in my lower back.  I was miserable.  I called Dr. Wise and scheduled my consultation appointment.  He took X rays and did a nerve conducter study of my back.  To my surprise, he took an enormous amount of time to explain everything to me in great detail.  We were one on one for almost an hour.  I've never had someone in the healthcare field spend that much time with me before.  He reviewed my X rays with me and showed me what a normal back should look like compared to mine.  Then he did my first adjustment.  I couldn't believe how I felt when I got up from the table.  All the pressure in my lower back was gone.  I was instantly better.  I wasn't expecting that having never been to a chiropractor before.  

I've been going three times a week since and I feel really good.  I still have a way a long way to go to fix the years of damage but I have complete faith that Dr. Wise will get me there.  My wife has since gone under Dr. Wise's care and she feels great also.  If you are reading this and contemplating making an appointment, please do yourself a favor and make the appointment.  You won't be disappointed.  

Diana K - 04/06/16

I was having extreme pain in the my lower back, unable to walk, unable to dress by myself and unable to drive. Dr. Wise accepted me as a patient, examined me, took xrays, did some other scans that showed inflammation in my spine. He iced me down, adjusted me and I was able to walk out of his office with 50-60% reductions in pain. I am happy and grateful I found Dr. Wise! 

Tom - 3/23/16

I would like to wish Dr. Wise a happy birthday and most of all give a rock solid testimonial! I have been seeing Dr. Wise for +7 years. First met the guy when I was visiting Vegas for some fun in the sun, OK wait, it was really loosing money at the tables! I was in a bad position, sat at the tables for 12 hours straight and I was unable to move. I had lower back pain with pain shooting down my right leg. The massage girls walking around was not able to improve the pain. One gal told me to see Dr. Wise, "He takes care of many WSOP players..." Now just imagine that quote in a sexy girl's voice. I called him up and he was able to fit me in that day. I took a cab to his office and he wheeled me into the office with his wheel chair. Needless to say, I walked out of his office and was pain free after 2 adjustments. I live on the east coast most of the time, but I still fly to Vegas to see Dr. Wise a few times a year. Not to mention I also drop some cash on the tables too... Sometimes I am up and sometimes I down, but AFTER each adjustments, I am so flying with the eagles! I will continue to see Dr. Wise each and every single time I visit Vegas. 

T.A. 03/16/16

Woke up this morning feeling like complete ass. My ear and throat were killing me. So naturally, I run to my chiropractor. He tested me and found I have an ear infection, then he adjusted me and treated me for my viral infection. The key to this is he discovered it was viral not bacterial. Had I gone to urgent care, they would have seen my ear was infected and prescribed antibiotics. The problem with that is antibiotics don't do anything against viruses, so I would have taken them for nothing. My fever is already dropping and some pain is subsiding. I expect to be near 100% tomorrow morning. Thanks as always Dr. Wise!

So Bo - 03/16/16

Great Doctor, Friendly environment , I have only been there a couple of times for my neck and back. Out of all my doctor i have ever been to, he has been the must helpful. when he could(or has time for it ) he takes to the time to hear and understand the patient ,and from there he informs the patient on things they can do to prevent or relieve the problem. there so much more to say... so good job Dr.Wise

Anonymous - 02/08/16

I would just like to say that Dr. Wise is a godsend. I started seeing him several weeks ago for neck and back pain. I have noticed improvements in the pain. But I have also noticed huge improvements with my quality of life. I have suffered from seizures for many years. Since starting care I have noticed a decrease in seizure frequency. I have more energy and more vitality. I now have a positive outlook on life. I am excited to see where my health ends up while under Dr. Wise's care. 

Tiff S - 1/21/16

I started to bring my daughter in for latching issues. Dr. Wise noticed right away that she was having a suction problem. He stated that her upper neck, cranial bones and jaw bone was out of alignment making it difficulty for my daughter to latch properly. He was very informative, even performed a inflammation scan of her spine to show the problems. He started to adjust her. We notice improvements within the first few visits. By the end of the 2nd week, she was latching and feeding with no issues. I would like to thanks Dr. Wise for everything he has done and will do to keep my daughter healthy and well. 

Matt G - Jan 13th 2016

My wife is 37 weeks pregnant and has never seen a chiro before. Our baby boy was diagnosed breech by our OBGYN and suggested we do an immediate c-section to get him out. I asked why so urgent, was my son or wife's life in danger? The MD said no but he said its protocol. We asked for other suggestions and the doctor failed to educate us on all options. He seemed like he was very pushy for the surgery. Needless to say, Myself along with my wife researched ways to get a breech baby to turn. Over and over, we kept reading that certain chiropractors were trained in a special technique called Websters. We searched Las Vegas and one name kept popping up over and over again, the name was Dr. Jon Wise. To our delight, we found out Dr. Wise was certified in pregnancy and Websters. He also holds a fellowship in pediatrics. We made out first appointment! Dr. Wise analyzed my wife's spine/pelvis and hips. He showed us how rotated they were. He showed the positive Webster's orthopedic test. He performed technological scans that showed us a lot of my wife's issues. It was eye opening! Needless to say, my wife started care and after 3 adjustments with some exercises Dr. Wise prescribed, my son was able to flip internally into a head down position and saved my wife from having a c-section. We are incredibly blessed that we found Dr. Wise. We plan on having him check out my son after birth. 

Alex - Dec 22nd 2015

Professional care you can trust for you and your family!

Bill B - Dec 8th 2015

Dr. Wise is hands down the best chiropractor I have had. In my years I have seen close to 25-30 chiropractors in the past. I am happy to say that at my age, he will most likely be my last. 

Jeff A - 11/11/15

Our baby girl is feeling so much better. She got treated and an adjustment by Dr Jon Wise DC yesterday and by the evening was already showing signs of improvement when she looked like she was getting worse in the morning. Thank you.

Tiffany - 11/09/15

Normally I would shoot you a quick phone call or Facebook message, but I decided to post this one on your wall for all to see ... I just wanted to say THANK YOU for treating Braylen today! A couple hours after her adjustment she ate a little something and tonight at dinner she ate a full meal. Her first time eating much in over 3 days! She hasn't had a fever all day, she has energy and she's playing, her voice and cough even sound much better. We were told the usual "it's a virus it will run its course" from her ped, but my gut told me otherwise and you tested for a virus and nope, no virus. Tested for bacteria, and what do you know!? Treated us with NAET and sent us on our way and now 10 hours later my baby is almost back to herself. Thank you so much Dr. Wise. Not only for your knowledge, but thank you for caring about every single patient that walks (or gets carried) through your door! You are appreciated beyond words!!

Brandon M - 10/25/15

I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Wise to everyone from family to friends. He's helped me on more than one occasion make full recoveries.

S.H. - 10/05/15

I just love the results my family has seen while under Dr. Wise's care. He takes care of myself and my 3 little kiddos (Ages: 3mo-8 years old). I no longer have neck and back pain. My kids are sleeping well throughout the night. My little one was fuzzy and cholicy shortly after I gave birth, Several adjustments and he became a happy baby and has been one since. One of my girls had bed wetting issues that resolved within the first 2 weeks. We never seem to get sick anymore and when one of the kiddos gets the sniffles, Dr. Wise treats them with NAET, the next they are feeling 100%. We are greatful that a friend referred us to see Dr. Wise! 

Hillary - 09/21/15

If this makes the website, Listen up! Just go see Dr. Wise. He is awesome! Enough Said! 

Tami S - 09/04/15

Dr. Wise made all the difference in the world for my child. I cannot thank him enough for the relief and comfort she got as a result of a SINGLE VISIT with him. Absolutely amazing. I highly recommend him, and send friends there with confidence! Dr. Wise is the best!

Tiffany A - 08/19/15

Braylen has had a hard time pooping lately ... Took her in for a chiropractic adjustment today and literally 20 minutes later, POOP!!! Haha. TMI I'm sure, but oh well. I love chiropractic care!

Gene N - 08/20/15

I've been seeing Doc on a regular basis for the past five years. In that time I have totally eliminated any joint pain from past sports injuries and day to day health issues- like catching a cold and being down for the count. Truly believe that the body, given the chance to heal itself, by having your neuro system aligned, will serve to protect and heal you better than those folks who tell chiros should stick to pain remediation.

Tiffany A - 08/04/15

This is simply amazing. I love chiropractic care and I have the best one in town especially for my babies! Braylen just hit a year and despite everything she had going on medically she never once got sick and I can't thank my breast milk for it since they switched her to formula at 2 months, I truly believe it's because she has always been aligned properly thanks to Dr Wise and her body has done the fighting and healing it's supposed to. Thanks Dr Wise for always having mine and my families best interests at heart! We appreciate you more than you know!!

Bill W - 08/02/15

I have been seeing Dr Wise for a variety of health conditions from diabetes, asthma, neck and back degeneration to even allergies and repeated infections. I am happy to say that after several years while being under the care of Dr. Wise, my diabetes is well under check (as in no longer being labeled diabetic), I have not had an infection in years. No more neck or back pain. My allergies are still there, but seems like 70% better then before. I do not react the same ways as I did before. 

Laura H - 07/15/2015

Dr. Wise is AMAZING!!!! Seen him through pregnancy and labor. I had an awesome pregnancy with no pain or discomfort. My labor was less than 2 hours with about 3 pushes and my daughter was born. It was SOOOOO easy, painless and awesome!!!! Thank you Dr. Wise and I look forward to bringing in my daughter for her first check up! 

S.S. - July 14th

Dr. Wise is by far the best chiropractor I have been to.  And I've had a few experiences over the years from mediocre to down right quacks.  The thing that brought me to him is the NAET allergy treatments he does.  But, I had an adjustment and for the first time in years I am able to get out of bed in the morning without stretching and warming up.  My lower back feels good and the tightness in my chest from years of asthma feels so much better, I believe if I could see him more often I might be able to get off my rescue inhaler or at least cut down significantly.  I'm breathing deeply and easily. I'm very happy I found him.  He's my go to guy from here on out.

Jenn H - 06/12/15

Part one: OMG! Dr. Wise is totally awesome! I first starting seeing him  for pregnancy related issues with back pain, hip pain and public pain. Not to mention my baby was breeched and the OB wanted to do a c-section. Dr. Wise told me not to worry, he will take care of it. Dr. Wise started to adjust my body, I started to feel better. They baby flipped into a head down position! I delivered vaginally!!! 

Part two: My baby had breastfeeding issues, colicy like symptoms and trouble pooping! I took him to Dr. Wise, he scanned her spine and found lots of inflammation in her neck and lower back. States this is often caused by birth trauma. He started to adjust my son. My the 3rd visit, nursing was normal again, popping started to flow and his colicy/fussiness was extremely improved. By 3 weeks after his first first adjustment, all symptoms cleared up. We have not had another issue since. I will continue to take my little guy in for periodical check ups! 

Joe L - 05/19/2015 

Ok. So! If anyone is a skeptic, it's me. At first, Dr. Wise can make you question his tactics and schools of thought if his holistic approaches are not your "cup of tea". However, when it comes down to good ole' bone movement, he is unparalleled in the field. 

I have multiple bulging and degeneration in the cervical disk (I think every one of them) and major C-5, C-6, and C-7 problems bordering herniation with involvement with the nerve at the C-6 level. I lost strength in my left arm which drastically decreased muscle mass on the upper left halve of my torso. 

Dr. Wise literally released the pressure from the nerve allowing my body to regain its strength! The damage is still there however it is livable and I can finally get back to the gym. 

Thanks Dr Wise!

Rachelle A - April 30th 2015

Dr. Wise is an AMAZING DOCTOR. My family loves and adores the level of chiropractic care we have gotten from him. He takes care of the little babies and my big baby (AKA Husband). We have gotten over ear infections, gut infections, skin irritations, falls, aches and pains, and.... our heads being on crooked! 

Jenn T - April 22nd 2015

I just wanted to give Dr. Wise all due respects. I came to see him when I was pregnant. I had horrible back pain, headaches, nausea and Sciatica through out my pregnancy. Dr. Wise was able to get everything under control. He was able to give my pain down, get rid of the nerve pain, improve my headaches and MOST Importantly he was able to get my baby to turn into the right position so I could have a vaginal delivery. The OB's only option was surgery and I was 99.9% against it! The only way I would do a c-section was if Dr. Wise could not get the baby to turn. THANK YOU!!!!!! 

Amanda B - April 10th 2015

Dr. Wise is by far the best chiropractor I have had. He is the only one it seams that can adjust my spine. I have been to many MD's, DO's and DC's in Las Vegas with little to no results. Dr. Wise is truly a great adjustor and healer. 

Gabby G - March 23rd 2015

Its Dr Wise's Birthday! I would like to say happy birthday to Dr. Wise and to let the whole world know that he is my doctor, my chiropractor and my allergy doctor! He not only does a great job with my health, he also improves my children's health. 

Kari A - Feb 25th 2015

Dr. Jon and Christen (boy I hope I spelled her name right) are great people. I started seeing Dr. Jon in 2013 about 6 months after I had wrist surgery. I had been going to therapy for 6 months and they finally released me saying there was nothing else they could do and I would only have about 5% use of my left wrist. I got a recommendation (actually many) to go see Dr. Jon. He was all the way across town so I almost didn't come but I am so glad I did. Within three visits I had notably more more motion and less pain in my wrist. Not only was my wrist better but my back pain had greatly improved. I continued to see Dr. Jon (admittedly not as often as I should) and now my wrist is more functional and there is no pain.  Now that I am coming in more regularly my back pain and headaches have greatly improved. 

I always recommend Dr. Jon to anyone seeking chiropractic care. I even take my five year old (and have since she was 3). I would recommend him for both adults and children. I have seen him with little babies and he awesome, so gentle. 

I just recently talked my husband into seeing Dr. Jon. Within a week he was in a lot less pain. Unfortunately he was then in a car accident. Dr. Jon is the only chiropractor I would trust to take care of him (and he is). Dr. Jon and Christen truly care about their patients. They will take the time to answer any questions you have. Ever since finding Wise Chiropractic I will never go anywhere else in Vegas.

WM - Feb 19th 2015

I have a very happy update! After one month of a very strict diet (no dairy/grains/fruit/sugar/starch/nuts, no eggs for first 2 weeks), regular visits to our chiropractor and completing the basic 15 treatments of NAET, my son's glue ear is COMPLETELY GONE! He's had it for over 8 months! Woot!

RD - Feb 18 2015

I've been taking my kids to a chiro for 20 years, and it's consistently been a major benefit. It helps them focus, gets rid of irritability, and keeps their motor skills as they should be. If my kids got grouchy or tended to be clumsy, the chiro was the solution almost every time!

Travis M - Feb 12th 2015

Great experience from the time I walked in the door until The time I left. Highly recommend seeing Dr. Wise.

McCoigs / Results Martial Arts - Jan 15th 2015

We highly recommend Wise Chiropractic. Everyone deserves to feel the best they can well here is one of those tools to help you achieve that in your life.

Amanda B - Nov 4th 2014

I just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Wise! I have been seeing him for some while now and love the care he provides. Most of the time I see him for wellness care, but today I had a massive headache that came out of no where. I went to get the magical hands of Dr. Wise! Within seconds after adjusting my neck, the headache was GONE!!!! Thank you once again! You made my day!!! 

Julie C - Oct 27th 2014

Just went and saw Dr. Jon Wise Dc, wow what a difference that made in my good leg, it's amazing how much off my leg was from the walking boot and using crutches, thanks Jon Wise, now I'll be able to sleep tonight.

Aaron W - October 9th

Dr.Jon Wise Chiropractor & Family Wellness Center is a First-Class Experience. I would highly recommend his services to friends, family & business associates. Best, Aaron

Anonymous - Sept 28th 2014

Myself and my 8 year old son has been seeing Dr. Wise for the last several months. The care we have received at his office has been outstanding. Our health has been improving, allergies are going away and my son's behavioral issues have drastically improved! Chiropractic and NAET have made an impact into my families lives.

Tiffany A - Aug 28th 2014

I LOVE my chiropractor! I've been suffering from allergies and sinuses for about a week now. Of course, it turned into a nasty sinus infection. Before learning about how you really should be living, I would have ran to the doc for a zpack, and sadly enough they would have prescribed it, but not this time! I went and saw Dr. Jon Wise Dc yesterday got adjusted and treated me for a bacterial infection with NAET and low and behold I woke up feeling a million times better! I love knowing that my body is very capable of fighting infection on it's own without drugs. Thanks Dr. Wise!!! 

Sarah C - July 30th 2014

Dr. Wise is by far the best chiropractor I have been to. And I've had a few experiences over the years from mediocre to down right quacks. The thing that brought me to him is the NAET allergy treatments he does. But, I had an adjustment and for the first time in years I am able to get out of bed in the morning without stretching and warming up. My lower back feels good and the tightness in my chest from years of asthma feels so much better, I believe if I could see him more often I might be able to get off my rescue inhaler or at least cut down significantly. I'm breathing deeply and easily. I'm very happy I found him. He's my go to guy from here on out.

K.H. - July 22nd 2014

I've been to a lot of chiropractors over the last ten years. Wise Chiropractic is by far the best. They've helped me through a number of sports related injuries. Dr. Wise always has helpful insight regarding any and every aspect of health and well being. Great rates too. This is a place where they really do care more about people than money. Skip the doctor n head to Wise Chiropractic instead. They are life savers quite literally.

Judy A - July 7th 2014 

I started taking myself and my children to Dr. Wise several months ago. I would like to say that he is kind and carrying, He listens to what my concerns are with raising my children relatively healthy. He is great with my little ones and they have not been really sick since starting care. He has been adjusting their spines and preforming NAET on them for their food allergies along with the few times they have started to get sick. Dr. Wise's NAET treatments have helped their bodies fight the bugs off naturally in 24 hours. I am very appreciative that we were referred into see Dr. Wise by a family friend. We will continue to see him for many years to come! 

Bill L - June 14th 2014

Thank god for Dr. Wise and NAET! I was plagued with many allergies for the last 20 years. I stumbled across Dr. Wise and NAET because of a friend. I was not 100% sure of NAET at first, but once I started to feel and see the effects, I am now 100% sold on it. NAET has cleared all of my seasonal allergies, We are working on clearing more food allergies now. Dr. Wise has been keeping my spine in align and I have never felt this good before! 

Bryan M - April 30th 2014

 I would personally like to say that Dr. Wise is one of the best doctors here in Las Vegas. I have seen 8 chiropractors here in Vegas before Dr. Wise. I came to him with massive neck and back issues that either of my past doctors where able to fix. I had tons of allergies that popped up since moving to Vegas. I started care with Dr. Wise for chiropractic and seen tremendous results. I became completely pain free with full mobility of my body. I was able to get back into the gym and even dropped 10 lbs. I also started to go through Dr. Wise's allergy program and now I am able to breath through my nose. Because if him, I am completely drug free! I have not taken pain almost a year. I have not taken any allergy medication in months. I have not had any allergy issues this year so far. I will always state that Dr. Wise is one of the best!

Laysi W - April 29th 2014 

The best experience. I never had anyone sit with me and truly ask me questions about my health history and current habits.

E.D. - April 14th 2014

I've had Sara seeing you guys for just over a few weeks for ADHD/Behavioral issues and last week was the first time ever this school year that she not only passed her math test, but aced it! Coincidence? I think not! Thank you for all the hard work you do with getting our kids healthy!! 

Rory G - March 30th 2014

It's very hard to find anyone these days who really takes their career seriously and wants to better themselves and others with their talents. Dr Wise is a true exception to that, it's very refreshing to know that me and my family are in the care of someone who sets the bar so high for any other medical professional. 

Tiffany A - March 30th 2014

It's testimonial time .. I'm always "pushing" and preaching chiropractic care, but today I come to you with amazing news. Thanks to my wonderful chiropractor (who saw my whole family on a Sunday) my Jorden walked into his office with a 101 fever is now home resting with NO fever and NO headache. His fever went away within minutes of leaving Dr. Jon Wise's office! He tested for viral and bacterial infections and he tested negative for both. His fever, chills, and nausea were all caused by him knocking his neck out at football yesterday. I know many people are weary of chiropractic care and that's entirely your choice, but everything I just said is 100% true and I'm truly thankful for having such an amazing doctor I can entrust my family to! Thanks Doc!!!

John R - March 18th 2014

Dr. Wise is one of the best chiropractors I have seen. I have been a patient of his for some time now. I started to bring in my wife and my kids. They love Dr. Wise as well!. 

I started seeing Dr. Wise initially for work related injuries. I have since learned that chiropractic is more then just neck and back pain. It seems like the more I see Dr. Wise, the healthier I become. I have lost 50 lbs under his weightloss program. I am now able to breath!! I have been plaqued with allergies for as long as I can remember. The Las Vegas valley has not been pleasant for my sinuses. Dr. Wise with his NAET treatments have completely opened up my sinuses and I am no longer having allergic attacks like before. I can not say ENOUGH great things about Dr. Wise. He is one of the best here in Las Vegas. Matter of fact, I think he has won awards for being among the Top Chiropractors in America. If you are looking to improve your health, you can not go wrong with Dr. Wise. 

Sonobi B - Feb 2014

 Great Doctor ,Friendly environment , I have only been there a couple of times for my neck and back. Out of all my doctor i have ever been to, he has been the must helpful. when he could(or has time for it ) he takes to the time to hear and understand the patient ,and from there he informs the patient on things they can do to prevent or relieve the problem. there so much more to say... so good job Dr.Wise

Ashleigh L - Feb 22nd, 2014

Monday, Mitchie was feverish and had another ear infection. Tuesday afternoon I brought him see Jon Wise Dc for Mitchell's very first chiropractic visit and adjustment coupled with applied kinesiology. I am happy report that this kid was fixed up and free of both pain and fever by the following morning. Thankful!

Sam G - Jan 21st, 2014

I would like to say thank you to Dr. Wise for taking care of my 7 week old daughter. She was suffering from colic and reflux ever since birth. Her weight was not steady rising due to spitting up all her milk. Dr. Wise was able to find the cause of her condition. He adjusted her several times. Her colic cleared up, her reflux stopped. She started to sleep throughout the night. We are very blessed that we decided to take my daughter to a pediatric chiropractor. 

Tiffany H - Dec 15th, 2013

Dr. Wise is a very carrying and loving doctor. He has been taking care of my family for a few years. He as always made us feel welcome in his office. He has always adjusted our spines and help us to identify many issues with our lifestyle that can contribute to our past poor health. I am happy to say that our family is healthier today then we have ever been in the past. We owe it to Dr. Wise for all the work he has performed on our bodies and all the education he has given us over the years. We are very proud to call Dr. Wise our family doctor! 

Billy O - Nov 18th, 2013

I was involved in a serious accident that cause extensive injuries to my body. I seen several doctors, even another chiropractor in the past without any long lasting results. Well that was until I started to see Dr. Wise. His care and style of adjustments was completely difference from my last chiropractor. But I started to feel better and he eventually was able to get my pain free. I am now back to living my life as it was before the accident. I will still continue to see Dr. Wise for all of my issues in the future. Thank you Dr. Wise! 

Sara W - Oct 24th, 2013

I hurt my lower back a week ago and I tried few different treatments before I saw Dr. Wise. My co-worker recommend him that he is the best in state. I went to see him for adjustment. It's like he knows my problem just touching here and there. I barely walked even after treatments from other people until I had Dr. Wise give me an adjustment. He is the best for sure. Thank you so much Dr. Wise, you are the best!!

John R - Oct 24th, 2013

Because I work 10-12 hours at my job, my ass is glued to the office chair for at least 8 hours a day.  As a result, the looking down and leaning forward is jacking up my spine because I need to look at a computer screen for extended amounts of time. I had decided to go see a chiropractor, I have been to a few in the past but I was not impressed.  I have actually been a patient Dr. Jon for almost 4 months now.  He has been wonderful and very personable.  My neck and back has improved to the point that I no longer have the pain. But I still have the bad posture. I do know it will take time to fix the problem. He gives me exercises and encourages me to do yoga and daily stretching. 

His office is centrally located in the southwest part of Vegas. Just off the 215 freeway and Rainbow. It takes me 10 min to drive there from my office. His office is always very clean, his staff is kind and sweet. He is very busy. I have been in the office when I am the only one and when I have to wait because 8-10 people are in front of me. "Make your appointments and be on time" is all I can say! He does not cluster book like many doctors, but he accepts walk ins and seems like someone are 10-20 min early or late. 

He does not accept health insurance, he will accept auto insurance for accident cases, but that does not matter to me! He is affordable, my co-pay is $50 per visit, he charges $40 per visit for adults and also offers health care programs. I get quality health care and he saves me money and allows me to do my job to make more money! Love it!!

Crystal V - Oct 24th, 2013

5.0 star rating

I have lived in Las Vegas for the past few years. I have seen many doctors (MD's, DC's, DDS, ND's) in the past. I can not say enough great things about Dr. Wise. He is carring, spends the quality time with you. He tries not to make you feel like a number. This adjustments are the best I have every had. I have never been to a chiropractor that can get rid of infections in 24-48 hours. The best part of that, he does not think about using drugs. 

I have had a great personal experience with Dr. Wise with: Chiropractic for myself and my little ones, NAET for food allergies, seasonal allergies and infections in my stomach, sinus and chest. I seen him throughout my last pregnancy, My children are all under care. My husband is a stubborn pain in the ass, otherwise he would be under regular care and not symptom care. 

You owe it to yourself to find the best doctors for you and your family. Dr. Wise is one of the best! AND!!! He keeps his fee's very affordable for the individual and the whole family. He truly cares about improving our health!
Aaron W - Oct 9th 2013
Dr.Jon Wise Chiropractor & Family Wellness Center is a First-Class Experience. I would highly recommend his services to friends, family & business associates. Best, Aaron

Sara G - Aug 26th, 2013

If you ever need an AMAZING chiropractor in Las Vegas, I highly recommend Jon Wise Dc!!! He is awesome!! Very patient and understanding and takes the time to listen and help you!!!

Tom S - Aug 7th, 2013

Just wanted to make a quick note regarding Dr. Wise. He is one of the best doctors I have had in many years. He has been my doctor for the past few years. He has helped me to improve my diet for which I have lost 20 lbs. He has helped me overcome many episodes of spine issues due to my job. I see him all the time when I get sick and I am normally feeling fine by the next day. I cant say enough about this man. He listens to me, he educates me and he improves my health. Thank you!! 

Angela L - July 20th, 2013

I just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Wise. I have been seeing him for a few weeks for allergies. His NAET process is wonderful! I CAN BREATH!!!!!!!! and I can eat many of my favorite foods now without having an upset tummy. 

Lisa T - June 15th, 2013

I am someone who used to curl up in a ball after eating most meals. I never knew why. I seen several MD's over the years and they placed me on tons of drugs which only made me sick with side effects. I have never seen a Chiropractor before, but I was referred in to see Dr. Wise from a dear friend of mine. Dr. Wise is a kind and carring doctor. He is very talented with his skills and willing to listen. He figured out that I have allergic to grains, sugar, eggs, dairy and several vitamins. When I used to eat anything with this stuff, It would twist my stomach into knots. Dr. Wise, with his naet process, cured me and now I can eat and eat and eat... Hopefully I will not get fat! :-) 

Susan B - May 20th 2013

Hello everyone at Wise Chiropractic. I just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Wise. I have suffered with severe allergies and headaches in the past. Today marks my 3rd year without a headache and my allergies are still on the down low. His skills as a chiropractor and a NAET doctor beat all others in my book. I wish Dr. Wise the best. I recommend him all the time and I will always use his services in the future.  

Alyssa D - May 4th 2013

I just would like to say thank you to Dr. Wise and the staff at Wise Chiropractic! You have changed my life forever! I will always be a patient of yours. Good Luck with the new office, My kids love the new play area. 

Michelle R - April 2nd 2013

I started to see Dr. Wise for weight loss. I was 80 lbs over weight and I didn't have a clue as to how to get it off myself. I tried for years of this fad diet and that fad diet. I tried Jenny and Nutrisystem without any long lasting results. This time, I wanted to do a plan with a doctor. Under Dr. Wise's care, I lost my 80 lbs in about a year. I had some ups and downs like most people, but I and now in the best shape of my life and I owe it all to Dr. Wise. My future goals are to NEVER put the weight back on, but if the weight starts to creep up, I will definitely get back in with Dr. Wise for the weightloss. In the meantime I am starting his chiropractic care and allergy care. We will see how healthy I become in the future!

Mike T - April 1st 2013

My experiences with Dr Wise have not been pleasant!!!! Oh Wait, APRILS FOOLS DAY!!!! Sorry Doc, I just had to be the one to try and prank you on this day. To  tell the truth now, I have been a person who has had many severe accidents in my cars, at my house, by the hands of my wife... opps, there I go again (Sorry hunny if you are reading this!) I have been to many chiro's in the past and had some relief. But when I started seeing Dr. Wise (at the request of my lovely wife...) I was very pleased with the outcomes. I noticed improve flexability, the pain went away, I sleep better, have more stamina, my allergies improved, was able to get back into the gym, started yoga, improved my work performance (which I received a nice raise) and most importantly, I was able to get down on the ground and play with my son! I will forever be grateful to DR. WISE! He is the best. He is our family doctor, we will see no one else, unless my leg falls off of course! 

Tonya E - March 17th 2013

I started to see Dr. Wise a few months ago for the pregnancy pain that would not go away. My OBGYN initally wanted to give me hard core drugs for the pain. I was very reluctant and asked if their was any other non-drug solution. He told me there was not, so I goggled pregnancy and back pain in Las Vegas and Dr. Jon Wise popped up. After a extensive background check and talking with Dr. Wise, I decided to see him. I seen inital improvements and after a few weeks, I was pain free!  I was sooo happy that I will continue to see Dr. Wise for preventative measures and I fired my old OBGYN and hired one who had my best interest at hand. :-) 

Elizebeth B - Feb 19th 2013

Go here you will not regret it!
I was a frequent Chiro customer here awhile back. I really love Dr. Wise and his great chiro care. He is very caring and listens with an open ear and open heart.
I firmly believe that his HCG treatment is top notch! Great plan and I lost a lot of extra baggage! The vitamins and healthy living plans are awesome.
I also have several B injections here and Maya spa, located inside, did it right. 
All and all I give Wise 5 stars but I have to give 4...the only reason why I am no longer a patient is because he does not take insurance. 
Cash payments in a flash are fabulous and the level of care is def worth it if your in a pinch, or do not have insurance! 
Dr. Wise will always have a great place in my heart and he will always be there if I need him!

Robert H - Feb 19th 2013

I just wanted to give Dr. Wise and the staff at Wise chiropractic congrats! I first came to Dr. Wise a year ago with some spine issues that no other MD or DC was able to fix. I almost gave up hope until I trusted Dr. Wise with my health. I am very grateful for everything that he has done for me. I have my life back. Thank you once again.  

Dennis P - Jan 21st 2013

Dr Wise and his staff at Wise Chiropractic are awesome! There I said it!!! I have been seeing Dr. Wise for sometime now. I have never been the type of person to see doctors. Matter of fact I tried to avoid them as long as I can. All I hear is about the constant need to place people on drugs and the side effects and the medical errors and the deaths attributed to those medical errors. My dad always told me, "Son, if you want to stay healthy, stay away from medicine."

Well I ended up developing some health issues that would not go away on its own, I ended up seeing the medical doctor, which gave me pills and the end result was I was still sick and very toxic due to the pills! I was referred into see Dr. Wise by a very good friend who said that he was not a traditional doctor. He was natural, he was holistic and he was damn good! So I figured I would give him a shot. He told me what I did not want to know. He told me that my +20 plus years of a bad lifestyle caused my currently health issues and that if I wanted to change moving forward, I would have to give up some bad habits. Reluctantly, I tried and started to listen to Dr. Wise.  I start to get adjusted on a regular basis, Dr. Wise did some holistic allergy stuff of me, I stated to exercise and stretch daily, I cut out drinking alcohol and stopped eating fast food. I listen to Dr. Wise for 6 months! After 6 months, I will honestly say that I did notice a huge improvement in my health. Matter of fact, most of my symptoms went away. I know I am not anywhere close to finishing with improving my health, but I am one happy Camper! 

Pat - Dec. 3rd 2012

Dr. Jon Wise makes the extra effort to get to know me along with the rest of his patients. He tried to find out what I need to improve my health. The office always remembers me and makes myself feel very important! I have already told most of my friends and family about the Fantastic Experience I had with Dr. Wise. I felt better than I have in years when I left my appontment. I am less stiff and sore! I have only seen Dr. Wise a small handful of times, but I already feel the improvements. Dr. Wise was absolutely amazing and I would definately be coming back to this office in the future.  

Julie K - Nov 20th 2012

Dr. Wise went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations. I was able to get an immediate appointment and was able to be seen on the first visit without sitting in his office for 30-40 minutes. It does not seem like he books his appointments right on top of each other which is nice. I hate having a 3pm appointment and being seen around 4 or 4:30. He was able to find my spinal issues and gave me a GREAT adjustment. I feel much better. I will definitely come back to see Dr. Wise for all my health care needs. 

Joy H - Nov 13th 2012

Dr. Wise took me in as a patient when I was 8 months pregnant with a breach baby. I came to see him because he was certified in the webster's protocol which I have read online can help with opening up the pelvis to allow the baby to turn naturally on its own. My OBGYN told me that there was no way a chiropractor could get the baby to turn. He tried to force me into agreeing to having a c-section saying its for the best of the baby. Well all I can say is that I did started care with Dr. Wise and after several adjustments to my pelvis, my baby turned head down. I was able to deliver vaginally like I wanted and I fired my OB when ultrasound confirmed that my baby was properly head down 2 weeks before delivery date. I won't mention the OB's name, but I hope he read this and reads more research into Webster's and Chiropractic before he makes any more bad judgement calls and looses more patients in the future. 

Wants to remain anonymous - Nov 3rd 2012

Hello there, I just wanted to mention that Dr. Jon Wise is a cool doctor. I have been to several doctors in my lifetime and I have never been to one who looks like he truly enjoys what he does. He is full of lots of knowledge that I wish someone told me sooner. I am in my 50's and if my first chiropractor at the age of 23 told me the same stuff Dr. Wise told me, I might have a better spine today. But I will continue to journey towards improving my "spinal hygiene" as Dr. Wise puts it. After the first few visits, I even notices a big difference compared to how I felt before coming to see him for the first time. If you are considering on making Dr. Wise your new doc, please do so. He tried to keep everything as simple as possible when he educates you and his adjustments are the best I have had! 

Mike O - Oct 23rd 2012 

I have suffered with several things! (back pain, neck pain, 40 lbs overweight, allergies to pollen and dust, stomach issues, etc... I am sure the list can go on and on!) I started seeing Dr. Wise for his Weightloss program and I lost 45 lbs!!! I then after his education starting using his for chiropractic adjustments. After looking at my xrays, I realized I had major problems with my spine. As I was getting adjusted, Dr. Wise educated me about his allergy elimination program he is certified in. I was a bit skeptical about his naet program at first. I have never heard of any such treatment to fully eliminate allergies. My medical doctor told me it will not work. But going against his advise I took the plunge and tried naet. I will tell you, I love it!!! and I recommend it to everyone I know.  I can now breath freely and I no longer have repeated sinus infection. Dr. Wise is now working on my food allergies. Not to mention, I no longer have spinal pain as well. Thank you Dr. Wise!!!

Alan H - Oct 17th 2012 

Hands down the best chiropractor I have ever been to. Dr. Wise doesn't even accept my insurance and I come to him anyways and just pay out of pocket. His adjustments are thorough and always effective. I have never left an appointment feeling like I didn't get my money's worth.

He is passionate about his practice and always offers up tips and tricks for leading a healthier (and pain free) lifestyle. 

I have referred countless friends to his practice, and if you are reading this looking for a great chiropractor in Vegas than look no further.

Leslie S - Oct 13th 2012

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Dr. Wise! I brought my 3 year old son to the office for repeated ear infections at the advise of a family friend. Not only did Dr. Wise educate us on the cause of his health issues, but he also used a holistic eastern medicine treatment called naet to help kill the virus my son had in his ear. I have never heard of naet before, but I will advise everyone that naet worked well with my son's infection.  He said his ear stopped hurting by the next day. I was so pleased that I didn't have to give him another round of anti-biotics that his pediatrician always prescribes. I am now proud to say that I along with my son are now patients' of Dr. Wise for his holistic chiropractic care. Thank you once again, you changed our lives! 

BM - Sept 26th 2012

Dr. Wise is a wonderful caring doctor! He has helped my whole family with adjustments, naet allergy elimination, nutritional and even with me and my weight. I first started seeing Dr. Wise several years ago for a spinal injury I had, since then he has successfully treated all my families spinal hygiene issues along with viral/bacterial infections. He is always my first choice when it comes to our health. He is certified in more stuff then the average chiropractor. This makes the choice easy for me and my family. We choose holistic health because we do not want to be on pills unless there is nothing else that can be done. Thank God! My Husband and myself are off all our meds and I no longer need to give pills to our children. Thank you! Dr. Wise you are amazing and I hope to have many many many more years under your care.  

Wants to remain Anonymous - Sept 26th 2012

Great doctor! I have been seeing Dr. Wise for 8 months now. I have had lots of health issue, my son was having emotional and behavioral issue. We both have seen several doctors even with a psychologist for my son, Dr. Wise was able to make positive changes in both of us. It seems like my son is completely relaxed after getting adjusted! Thank you Dr. Wise!

Wants to remain Anonymous - Sept 24th 2012

I have been to several doctors in the past (medical, dental, chiropractic, osteopathic). Dr. Wise is very carring, honest and ethical! He has been working with me, improving my health for my pregnancy. I have had 3 miscarriages in the past. We are loving his concepts of eat wise, move wise, think wise. It has really helped to open my eyes as to how unhealthy my families lifestyle was in the past. His hcg weightloss system even allowed my husband to loose 45 lbs so far. I am 7 months pregnant and going strong! We are also happy to announce that we are having a natural homebirth with a midwife! Dr. Wise educated us on the pros and cons of hospital and homebirths. Thank you Dr. Wise for all your hard work and your knowledge on health and wellness. I truely do not think I could have done this again on my own.

Wants to remain Anonymous - Sept 18th 2012

Great practice, clean friendly and always does a great job. Dr. Wise is flexible and always offers a helping hand. I'm in law enforcement and Dr. Wise helps with aches to injuries. Highly reccomend!

Billy A - August 3rd, 2012

I would like to say thank you to Dr. Wise and the staff at Wise Chiropractic. My son, Devin who is only 6 months old was having lots of reflux, wouldnt drink his milk and his head was oddly shaped. Dr. Wise took the time and worked on my son. After a few weeks, he was drinking his milk better, eating solid foods and his head was looking more like a baby vs an alien. You are the best and I will always bring my family to see you in the future. 

Jerod S - July 18th, 2012

I just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Wise for all the work he has done with me and my weight loss goals. I weighted 275 lbs for the last 15 years. It has took me 10 months, but I know weight 163 lbs. I am in the best shape of my life. I know exercise all the time, I do Yoga 3-4 times a week. I eat lots of veggies and lean meats. I do not ever want to return back to being overweight again! 

Mindy M - July 9th, 2012 

For years I have been suffering from headaches, backaches and a pain in my ass of a husband. My Husband, like many typical men, thought he did not have to get help with this health. "I am a guy, I don't need doctors... I will just ride it out." Well after 3 years of listening to my husband complain, I finally said enough was enough! I told him to see my chiropractor Dr. Jon Wise or I would refuse sex from him until he did. That was all it took! He was on the phone making his appointment. I wish I did this sooner!!! (Ladies, try it...) Dr. Wise took some xrays and looked at my husband. Found several areas of his spine where very much decayed and his neck curve were turned in the opposite direction. After several visits, I stopped hearing my husband complain all the time. It has been several months of consistent care and my husband is off the couch and back exercising/running. He has dropped 10 lbs of fat and looks awesome! I will keep him on track to improving his health along with mine, even if I have to pull the sex card again. Thank you once again Dr. Wise! You are a life saver!!! 

Dr. Rick Baxter - June 24th 2012

Jon I want to thank you for the awesome adjustment you delivered on Saturday prior to the seminar. It went above and beyond a "mobilization" or a "manipulation" I am happy to report that my completely blocked, and mostly deaf (duration 5 days) ear cleared within hours and is now ready for my flight home. To paraphrase BJ I chose to NOT trust a spoonful of medicine more than the power within. Just needed some help releasing it.

I bestow upon you the title of advanced chiropractic chiropracTOR. Sounds more appropriate than "physician"(IMHO).
Thanks again.

Carol A - June 13th 2012

After having felt like crap & that's putting it nicely since last Thursday & finally admitting defeat today I went to my trusty local Chiro (Wise Chiropractic) *best Damn chiropractor in town if I don't say so myself ;-) After performing the NAET, I for the first time in days am feeling like a human again!!!! I can not than him enough!!!!! Thank you Dr. Jon!!!!!!! Seriously anyone who comes down with this nasty bug that's going around don't even bother with anything else, give him a call, you will be glad you did! I'm not kidding I literally walked out feeling noticeably better & as I was driving home could continually feel the pressure in my sinuses lifting...

Dave M - May 23rd 2012

I  started seeing Dr Wise under direction from my Pilates instructor. I've had chiropractic treatment off and on for most of my life, my brother Staten is an amazingly gifted healer, and I've been to some really, really bad bone crushers. I was a little skeptical of Dr. Wise at first, his confidence seemed a little strong and I was worried he would just treat me the way he wanted and not listen or pay attention to my condition or results. I was wrong, he pays attention as well as having a great touch. He senses where and what I need and is expert at producing the results we both agreed I wanted. I recommend him to you.

Tiffany G - May 21st 2012

Dr. Wise is the most amazing, attentive, caring doctor I have ever been to. He has opened my eyes to the harm (some) doctors are doing to us by pushing pills down our throats. I go to him for almost everything, who needs a primary doctor when you have Dr. Wise! He gives advise when needed, he listens to my problems rather than jump to conclusions to write a script and push me out of the office, and he genuinely cares about me and my family. He's the best, I promise.

Sarah G - May 21st 2012

Dr Jon Wise is amazing. He is very thorough in his care. I've taken my son to him to help with his acid reflux and he is just wonderful with babies. I've been to him myself and have also convinced my husband to see him as well. He has educated my whole family and continues to do so. I have asked him for advice in many different areas and I honestly trust him more than my pediatrician! He is someone who genuinely wants to help your overall wellness in the best way that he can and his holistic methods always work! Go see him for any chiropractic or health concern... he will not disappoint!

Tatina O - May 3rd 2012

Hello there, I brought my 7 year old daughter Vitoria to see Dr. Wise for a throut and lung infection last week. She missed 3 days of school and had several severe fevers during that time. I originally wanted my daughter to fight the infection naturally. But after 3 days, I took her to a pediatrician. He looked at my daughter, didnt even run any test, but gave her a prescription for antibotics and told me to bring her back if she becomes worst.

I was still very uneasy about giving my daughter antibiotics since they really never worked in the past. So I took Vitoria to see Dr. Wise since I have heard Chiropractic Care can help with improving the health of the body/immune system. Vitoria's fever was 103 right before her visit with Dr. Wise. She didnt want to move, didnt have a smile, she was in complete misery.

Dr. Wise tested her with a process called kinesology (sorry for my spelling) and found out that she had a virus, not a bacteria! Dr. Wise said that antibiotics would never work on a virus, only bacteria that are not resistance to the drug. He mentioned that is was up to me to follow the pediatricians advise and prescription, but he wanted to help boost up her immune system in the meantime. He adjusted her and preformed a NAET treatment for the virus. It was quick and painless with not negative side effects. He told me to keep Vitoria off all sugars and grains for the next 24 hours and to make sure she sleeps and gets plenty of rest, while adding extra vitamin c and zinc to her diet. Within 20-30 minutes after her treatment, her fever when completely away. By that night she was smiling and playing with her brother. By the next morning she was 100% back to her normal self, woke up early because she was excited to go back to school. Thank you Dr. Wise and the staff at Wise Chiropractic for all you have done, I never even filled the antibiotics, I will bring my daughter and the rest of my family to see Dr. Wise first!

Lizeth S - May 3rd 2012

Moving from out of state and finding a chiropractor with knowledge and true concern for the patient was a diligent task. That was until I was adjusted with Dr. Wise. A year later I continue to visit Dr. Jon weekly. It has been a life altering desicion for all the better quality of time here on Earth! Thanks Man! - Z

Emily W - May 3rd 2012

Through the course of 3 years I unintentially lost 30 pounds due to the inability to process food. This had a negative impact upon all arenas of my life. I've been receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Wise since Spring 2011 due to injuries sustained through a riding accident where a 1200 lb. Thoroughbred fell on top of me moving my spine.
I took notice to such vast improvements from his adjustments I feel I can ride once again! Despite my initial skepticism of the NAET therapy I took a chance and miraculously Dr. Wise found out the food issues... a parasite! After just one NAET treatment I have been able to enjoy meals for two weeks now! I have been able to accomplish the things I have not because of my illnesses toll. The energy I feel is a resurgence of what it means to feel alive. Thanks Dr. Wise!

Bill T - March 23rd 2012

I first experienced the NAET procedure last year when I had food poisoning from eating at a local place here in Las Vegas. I am the type of guy that never had seasonal allergies until I moved to Vegas! I told Dr. Wise that I would like him treat me for my seasonal allergies with NAET come this spring. My allergies was NASTY! All the wind we experienced sucked!!! Well, Dr. Wise treated me for pollen, dust and trees. 5 hours later I was able to breath and by the next day my allergic reaction was over!!! He had to treat me a few more times for the three allergens but I am loving life! I hope it last!  I will work on continuing the NAET along with my chiropractic care. Thank you Dr. Wise, once again you amaze me!

Sally P - March 2rd 2012

 I have been a patient of Dr. Wise for a few years. I came to him to be treated by his NAET for being sick. He mentioned to me that he has had great success with treating viral and bacterial infections with the NAET process. When I get sick, I feel down in the dumps for 2-3 weeks. I came to him on day 2 of feeling like crap. He adjusted my spine and treated me with NAET. By the next morning I felt almost 100% better. I can't believe it! I have never cleared a bug this quick. I truly believe it was the NAET treatment that really helped my immune system. I don't understand I but I will continue to be treated with this process everytime I feel sick! No drugs! I am a happy camper!! Thank you Dr. Wise!!! 

Kathy W - Jane 18th 2012

I first heard about Dr. Jon Wise from his facebook articles that I read when one of my friends forward it to me. I had a pinched nerve in my neck and fibromyalgia. I could not sleep or turn my head and I had a shooting pain that went down my arm into my fingers. It was very hard to get through the day. In just a few short weeks of treatment with Dr. Wise I felt better. My husband noticed a difference right away. Dr. Jon is wonderful and really cares. The best part is, with this type of treatment, your body heals itself without the use of drugs. I truely believe I will be healthier in the future!

Samuel B - Jan 17th 2012

Thanks to the expertise of Dr. Wise, I am able to pursue my passion - Rock Climbing and Shooting Guns. I have three herniated discs in my neck and two in the lower back which cause me great pain. Dr. Wise is like a magician and maneuvers my spine in such a way that I am pain free and live a vital life! It is because of chiropractic care that I am able to Rock Climb, Preform Yoga and go out in the desert and shoot high capacity guns on occasion. Dr. Wise is one of the most caring and dedicated individuals I have ever met. Thank you Doc for continuing to keep me on my toes!

Chiropractic care has enhanced my performance on the rock and at the gun range. I won my first shooting match 3 weeks after starting care! I always feel better after seeing a chiropractor.

Matt L - Jan 3rd 2012

Since coming to Wise Chiropractic over the past few months, I have experienced some dramatic improvements in my overall health and well being. Before I began treatments, I had difficulty sleeping through the night, frequently waking up with leg pain and discomfort. I now sleep through the night, rarely use painkillers and have been told by friends and family that I actually 'look healthier'.

Thanks to everyone at Wise Chiropractic, I am on my way!

Kat V - Oct 2012

Dr. Jon is compassionate about his job and his practice. He has treated me, my 3 year old daughter, my 2 year old son and my husband for almost a year now. We all love him!

I feel almost 100% better since first seeing him. Not only did he administer chiropractic care, but he taught me to track my diet, he put me on essential supplements for digestive care, and he taught me the power of positive thinking. I have been empowered by the help of Dr. Jon and I feel so much more alive and energized. Dr. Jon truly cares, treats and teaches his patients. I admire his drive to connect with his patients, continue to seek knowledge and to spread the word of internal healing through his office as well as all the articles on his blog and facebook page. Our family loves Dr. Jon and highly recommends him to anyone

Dr. Jon is a positive force of energy in the world. He teaches you to use the power of positive thinking, nutrition, and exercise to heal yourself. He empowers you!

Melanie B - Sept 25th 2011

Asthma Free After 2Years
If you've ever suffered from severe allergies and asthma, you know how frightening and life changing it can be. To my dismay, I had to control my condition with strong medications, only then could I resume normal activities which included my dance career. This was not the initial reason why I visited Dr. Wise. While dancing I incurred a debilitating back injury. I was unable to walk right let along preform my normal activities. Six months of physical therapy with no improvements my friend recommended seeing Dr. Wise. My first visit relieved the pain so much that I was able to attend walk straight and a few weeks later I was dancing and taking yoga once again. Coincidentally after a year of regular treatments, I noticed one pollen filled spring day that my lungs were unusually clear. Dr. Wise explained the benefits of chiropractic and how it can help alleviate asthma and allergies. He then suggested that if it was him he would try weaning himself off of the steroidal medication, which I decided to do. After two years I'm asthma free!!

Bill T Sept 21st 2011

I am a regular patient of Dr. Wise. I just recently had a reaction to some food I ate at 3 tomatoes here in town. I dont know what caused me to get several stomach pains and all the other symptoms you really don't want to read on this website so I will refrain from talking about it, just use your imagination! But I remember Dr. Wise getting certified in some allergy work that he tried to educate me last week on it. I figured I would see if he could help me and to my surprise, I had a noticible difference in my stomach pain by the time I left the office and a few hours later, I did not have any pain at all. I owe it to Dr. Wise and can easy recommend his allergy program for food poisoning. He says it can help with my seasonal allergies and other food allergies too. We will see come spring.

Sam B - Sept 7th 2011

I just finished a getting better after a car accident. My car was totaled and I had extreme pain in my neck and back. I could barely move my arms or lift anything over my head. I had increase pain everytime I sat down or stood at work. I could not sleep throughout the night. I had constant headaches. I felt like my life was falling apart. It took Dr. Wise 29 visits to get me where I am now and I am grateful to have been referred to him by my attorney. I will be coming back to Dr. Wise for more care in the future and I would be happy to refer anyone I know who might be in need of his services.

Jennifer O - Aug 10th 2011

Dr. Wise is a very remarkable doctor. I have never met anyone like him before. He is very detailed and it seems like he really cares about his patients. I am a preformer near the las vegas strip and I tore my shoulder during a routine. I went to a medical doctor who gave me drugs and went to get physical therapy which didn't help, had a few visits with a orthopedists before aggreeing to surgery. After the surgery, I felt worst and I could hardly move my shoulder. The orthopedist tried to send me back to physical therapy which I tried for 4 weeks with little to no results. I walked into Wise Chiropractic because a friend does yoga down the hall and said Dr Wise works hand in hand with the yoga sudio and he is known for helping people with injuries like mine. Well today marks my 24th visit. I am not completely healed yet, but during my re-exam today I have seen a 70% improvement in my mobility and my pain is 50-60% better. I know it will take more time, but I am happy that I found Dr. Wise.

Diane P - Aug 4th 2011

I just wanted to say and express my feeling for Dr. Jon Wise and the girls at Wise Chiropractic. I started seeing Dr. Wise back in June for pain in my neck and back. It was a long outstanding problem that I have suffered with for years. I have never tried chiropractic in the past. I thought they pretend doctors that failed out of medical school. Well I was WRONG! Not only did Dr. Wise educate me on what chiropractic is, but also educated me about my health and what it should be if the nerves worked right! Over the course of care, I started seeing improvements with my back and neck pain but I also started breathing easier and sleeping better! My allergies have drastically improved. I did not have the same reactions this summer that I normally have had in the past. I didn't even get my allergy shots like I normally do. Needless to say, I really noticed an improvement in my overall health since starting care with Dr. Wise. I am very grateful to my co-worker who referred me to see him. Dr. Wise is our family doctor! He is treating my husband and two kids. My daughter has less ear and sinus infections and my son is even getting better grades in school. I don't know if chiropractic did that, but he failed a class in the spring and got an A in the same class during summer school. I could write a book on the improvements we have seen but Needless to say, THANK YOU Dr. Wise!

Jason E - Facebook - July 28th 2011

I am very happy today at my check-in the doc told me I have lost 40lbs of body fat. I am so happy. Just 2.8 more pounds and I am back to 165lbs. Hope I can do it before my Birthday on the 10th.

Gary N - Jun 17th 2011 

I was in a car accident and, like my car, I needed a little realignment. Wise was very knowledgeable and courteous during my visit. After a few sessions, I felt better than before.

Brenda P - Las Vegas, NV - April 20th 2011

I have struggled with my weight since I was a kid, I have Three children total and gained 135 pounds!!! I tried many diets including Weight Watcher, Dr. Goldsmith, Phentramine, Alli, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Nutritional Counciling, Boot-camp makeover, and every diet pill you can find. I spent over 5000 dollars and nothing worked. I had gave up!!!! Told myself if god wants me to be fat, then I will be FAT. A dear friend forced me to see Dr. Wise at Wise Chiropractic and do their HCG System. I refused! I didn't want to spend more money and get all my hopes up. After my friend decided to pay for my first round and gave me an ultimatum, try it or lose her as a friend forever, I agreed to! I have just finished my 5th round with Dr. Wise and I am PROUD to say I have lost 102 lbs in 5 rounds on the program!!! Thank you Dr. Wise and the Staff at Wise Chiropractic

Shawnie W - March 8 at 7:07pm

Dr. Jon Wise is a very knowledgeable chiropractor who truly cares about his patients' health. He's professional, wise, and trustworthy. He knows what he is doing. If you live in the Las Vegas area, I highly recommend that you go see Dr. Jon Wise for all of your chiropractor needs. He is the best. :D

Shaunne K - Las Vegas, NV March 8th

Dr. Jon Wise is a honest, profession, compassionate chiropractor. I highly recommend him for anyone looking for Holistic Chiropratic Treatment and Care.

Hollie S - March 8 at 6:30am

I was advised to seek chiropractic care here in my hometown by a friend and I took his advise! Would recommend Dr. Wise for your chiropractic needs and really wish I lived in Vegas to receive his caring and personal touch in person! SHOUT OUT TO DR.WISE!!!

Kathleen S - March 7th at 10:20am

Dr. Jon Wise is a long time friend and an awesome Chiropractor. He a kind doctor and cares about all of his patients. He is very knowledgeable in his field of expertise and will never take anyone for granted because his main priority is the patients health. He is honest and trustworthy. Anyone who goes to see him will be pleased with what he has to offer and the advice he will give to them.

Ester R - Northwestern University March 6 at 2:20pm

Dr John is a very knowledgeable chiropractor and very good for crisis or corrective care, he's one of the few doctors that puts 100% into their patience's care!

Krista K - Doctor March 5 at 4:55pm

I went to school with Dr. Jon and I know that he is an upstanding, honest, professional, and caring doctor who has his patients best interest at heart. He has helped so many people get better, healthier and understand the importance of taking care of the body. If you live in Las Vegas, you just have to go see him!

Florence B - Instructor at University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) March 4 at 11:20pm

Dr. Jon is extremely sensitive to the individual needs of his patients. Everyone I know, who has visited him, sings his praises. I feel immediately better each time I visit him. He is not the first chiropractor I have been to, but he is DEFINITELY the best. His knowledge is astounding. He is simply the best!

Chris W March 3 at 6:12pm

Dr. Jon Wise really knows his chiropractic care and total body wellness. If you live in the Las Vegas area, go see him for your care and you will be pleased with him as a chiropractor.

Trina Smith - Feb 28th, 2011

I was 7 months pregnant with my first baby. I had horrible back and stomach pain. My OBGYN told me I had to see Dr. Wise otherwise I might have to have a c-section. I made my first appointment and was shocked that the reason why I was having lots of issues was my baby was turned the wrong way (Breached). After several visits, my pain when away, but most of all I had the pressure release in my stomach. I knew I would be ok, I now knew my baby would be ok too! I will keep my appointments with Dr. Wise and make sure I get my baby boy checked out the moment he arrives! Thank You DR WISE!

Wants to remain Anomomus - Feb 28th 2011

I was 7 months pregnant with my first baby. I had horrible back and stomach pain. My OBGYN told me I had to see Dr. Wise otherwise I might have to have a c-section. I made my first appointment and was shocked that the reason why I was having lots of issues was my baby was turned the wrong way (Breached). After several visits, my pain when away, but most of all I had the pressure release in my stomach. I knew I would be ok, I now knew my baby would be ok too! I will keep my appointments with Dr. Wise and make sure I get my baby boy checked out the moment he arrives! Thank You DR WISE!


This is a good guy‎‎

By Pat - Sep 27, 2010

I have had a neurological program for over 10 years now. I have been to 20-30 different doctors for this condition, never been to a chiropractor before. Every other doctor promised me the world and told me they would help and improve my condition. Well 10 years later and I feel I am worst off then before. I have had tons on test, been on more drugs then I can think of. Dr Wise was the first doctor to spend time with me and not promise the world. He told me that he would help me improve health of my nervous system which in time may help improve my condition. My spine was turned in the opposite direction and lots of arthritis. I really cant put his words into my own, but I got a great vibe of this guy and I feel he may beable to help. Hell I have never tried holistic chiropractic before, what do I have to loose.‎


Hello there, I just wanted to stay that Dr. Wise is one of the best doctors I know! I first started seeing him for the hcg weighloss his office offers. I then started to see him for a health related problem that they said holistic chiropractic could help with. I took him up on his offer and loved it!. It was the first time I have gotten adjusted and I loved it! I have been a patient of Dr. Wise for about 4-5 months. I lost the 35 lbs I was looking for and I am now working towards improving my health!

Cindy d. Yelp.com Las Vegas, NV 9/27/2010


I love this Doctor :-)ýý

By Shelley - Sep 10, 2010

Hello there, I just want to start out and say that Dr. Jon is one of the greatest doctors I know! I first met Dr. Jon when he was in California, I became a patient and loved the care and devotion he puts into this practice. I was heart broken when he told his patients he was moving to Las Vegas to marry his wife. Well my husband was transfered to Vegas for work and I became very excited! I got my doctor BACK! I just love how everything works out. After he left California, I never did find another doctor like him. Dr. Jon, You are NOT allowed to leave Las Vegas!!! And Hopefully This will be my Families new home for many years to come.


Great Doctor! I loved the results I have received at this office. Dr. Wise is the Rockstar of the Chiropractors!!!!

Anonymous, September 09, 2010


Awesome doctor! bellamiller at Citysearch

I have seen Dr. Jon Wise at Wise Chiropractic in Las Vegas, NV for more then a year. I have been to 15-20 Chiropractors in my life and I have never been to one like Dr. Jon before! His knowledge and passion for getting me and his other patients healthy surpasses all others. I feel like I am not going to him so he can make money. I feel like I am part of the family. He also offered a wellness plan so that I could save 30-40% off my health care! Not to mention I think he won an award for America's Top Chirorpactor. That's an A in my book! I will always be happy to call him my Doctor! Plus he is the only one who is capable of really adjusting my neck, most have had issues in the past.



I brought myself and my 3 kids into the office. Dr. Jon Was able to work with me and my fiancial needs. His new special allowed me to come in at $49 and bring each of my kids in for $20 each. He is the best! gotta love wise chiropractic.

Wants to remain anonymous


A massage therapist for 11 years in a high volume casino spa totally abused my body. 2 years ago I underwent a tri level neck fusion, c-5 thru c-7, I was told by my surgeon," never let anyone ever touch your neck", well after 1 year I was having mobility issues and disregarded my surgeons advise, and started getting adjustments from Dr. Wise, adjustments that were totally tailored to my specific needs, which were not only limited to spine, but elbows and knees as well. Although I will not be able to rotate the fused section of my neck, the mobility that I have gained from consistent treatment and care has undeniably improved my quality of life and I am forever greatful.

Ivy U


I was one of the "unbelievers" who distrusted anything to do with chiropractic care and thought it was either a short-term fix or a long-term crutch. I was wrong.

One day a trusted and very well respected friend told me about Dr. Jon and the miraculous changes in health she and her family had experienced while under his care. Because of my faith in this friend, my concern about my daughter's chronic back situation, and my own frustration with neck and back pain and dizziness, I decided to investigate.

After our first meeting with Dr. Jon I was impressed by his enthusiasm, openness and knowledge, and decided to pursue treatment for both my daughter and myself. At the time I did not realize that this decision to pursue an end to pain would in fact become a first step to a lifestyle change in pursuit of good physical and mental health.

I can now turn my neck back and forth without wincing. The horrendous headaches I would sometimes wake to that would last for several days no longer affect me. The sickening dizzy spells that would hit every other month or so are gone.

As my life has changed from accepting this pain as part of waking up to expecting an active, healthy life, I have become a believer in the holistic approach to health provided by chiropractic care. Now I am the person telling my friends and family about the change chiropractic has had on my life and can have on theirs.

Thank you to Dr. Jon !

Karen and Sara C.


I have always believed in chiropractic care. But, I was also one of those people that believed that one adjustment after an injury was all I needed.

Not only did that concept not work, my back got progressively worse as I got older. About a year ago, I thought I was going to have to stop going to the gym, which was the backbone of my life. I was devastated. I was referred to see Dr. Jon Wise through a very good source, my family.

Dr. Jon is not just another chiropractor to me. There was something about his charisma that influenced me to listen. I found out that my muscle spasms in my back, starting with my lumbar section were from an old injury that I had 25 years ago. I thought that my muscle spasms were inherited. I was wrong!

Dr. Jon educated me on proper chiropractic care and maintenance. Thanks to him, I am back in the gym regularly.

I have taken on fitness, Personal Training, and Nutrition Counseling as my profession. In this capacity, I exercise and lift weights extensively every day.

Thanks to Dr. Jon, I am now more physically active than I was twenty years ago. Wise Chiropractic always makes me feel welcome. I feel like I am at home.

Bill T.


I received an adjustment that released something in my shoulders and I don't recall ever feeling such ease and sense of relaxation. I'm sure there must be some memory, ahh, what an opportunity to explore... I believe it is a good one.

Breakthroughs like this are worth the days of confusion and frustration that for me accompany change from the inside out.

This treatment process is affecting change In my life physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Wants to remain Anonymous


I began care here because I had injured my back during our recent move to a different house. While I had read a little about the concept of "Chiropractic", I really was only interested in having my back pain relieved, preferably in as few visits as possible. The pain lingered on through the first month, and I begin to feel very frustrated. Early in my second month of care, (I think it was about my 14th visit) the walls came tumbling down, to my great surprise. Breathing seemed to take over my body, and I soon found myself sobbing uncontrollably, although I wasn't aware of any sad thoughts. Despite my embarrassment, I felt so wonderful when it was over... so unburdened. In the weeks since that time, many changes have begun to take place, both physical and mental. I was shocked when I realized I no longer wanted to start the day with a good cup of coffee. Nor do heavy foods appeal to me now, or rich deserts. I have experienced short bursts of hysterical laughter several times ( although I can't figure out what's so funny). I feel light and open and joyful. My energy level is sooo much better! I can feel movement in my hip area: walking feels different. And back pain? Well, that's history. I feel sort of like the tin man after Dorothy used the oil can. I am learning to listen to what the "inner me" knows is best for me. I am very grateful for the wonderful on-going care at Wise Chiropractic. My husband and two of our children will be starting with Dr. Jon this week.

Jill W.


My name is Jennifer. I am a real person, not being paid to bear witness. My life has changed so much since I've been working with my chiropractor. It took a while to start but when that door opened, it was like Technicolor coming into me.

I started walking differently, straighter, more relaxed. When stress would come up I would find my self breathing it all okay. I could literally feel great bolts of energy streaming up my spine out into my body. I feel so much love in me now- but the major change is that it flows through me. It doesn't get stuck and fizzle out. I am so much less afraid of facing life, of truly being alive. Answers come more easily.

When trauma occurs, I can't hold back- pain come bursting out through tears, sobs- but then its gone and I'm clear and am better able to deal with my situation. Then there will be times when I'm really stuck on a problem. Really unsure of myself. Next thing I know I'll be on the floor doing yoga postures and -pop- a shift will occur and I'll be able to move into the flow once again. I realize more and more that life is all the practice of the action of living- just to keep going. This really only touches the surface of the work still occurring in me. The rest is more difficult to communicate through words.

So a big hug to you and keep breathing!



This month (September 2008) marks two years since I have been involved with chiropractic care. I truly believe that I would be in a wheel chair and on all sorts of medication if I had not had a friend recommend me to my chiropractor. I am an lpn and knew what was happening to me; but, my "health plan" would not even let me go for an evaluation! Dr. Jon took me in for a affordable fee. I am 58 years old not currently on any medications, and rarely have to take any. I no longer have sinus infections, need sprays for my allergies, etc.

Sheila H.